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I love the play of light and shadow. It gives great dimension to your piece. I love how you added a nice blush to your skin (it keeps t...

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Amelia E. Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am more of a writer than an artist (but I'll still do my best with my art). When I was younger, I used to make up stories to match the pictures in the books I had. My grandmother told my mom to encourage my writing in every way she could. She did. I hope it shows in my writing.

She also trained me in art (she's a professional artist) and I hope some of what she taught me actually helps me with my drawings. I'll keep practicing and working hard so that someday I can be as good as some of the Deviants here.

My current occupation is adjunct professor; I'm currently working towards grad school so I can become a full-time professor...either that or a librarian. I just want to be surrounded by good books. What I'd really like to do for a living, though, is write...and I'm working on that one too.

Current Residence: A very cold and dark place called "the basement"
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L (I don't like my chest getting squeezed by cotton)
Favourite genre of music: anything but hard rock
Favourite photographer: my father
Favourite style of art: varies by my mood
MP3 player of choice: MusicMatch Jukebox
Favourite cartoon character: America (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Personal Quote: Never explain. Your friends don't need it, and your enemies won't believe you anyway.

Journal History

Which Avenger Am I?

Tony Stark/ Iron Man

  • [ ] You like booze
  • [x] You are the life of the party
  • [x] You love gadgets
  • [ ] You can be rather cocky
  • [ ] Your favorite color is red or gold
  • [x] You’re good with computers
  • [ ] You use sarcasm a lot
  • [x] You love getting attention
  • [ ] You’re good at mechanics
  • [ ] You have issues with your parent(s) \


Dr. Bruce Banner/ The Hulk

  • [ ] You’re good at science
  • [x] You can get very aggressive when ticked off 
  • [x] You like to be secluded most of the time
  • [ ] You like wearing baggy clothes
  • [ ] You like to meditate
  • [x] You like doing science experiments 
  • [x] You try to avoid getting into fights
  • [ ] You like wearing purple things
  • [x] You’re clever
  • [ ] Your favorite color is green



  • [ ] You’re good with a hammer
  • [ ] You like coffee 
  • [ ] You can eat a truckload of food and still be hungry (From time to time yes)
  • [ ] You can be arrogant
  • [x] You have long hair 
  • [x] You have an interest in astrology
  • [ ] You can get sulky when things don’t go your way
  • [x] You’re willing to take a fall for someone else
  • [x] You like to dress up as fantasy characters
  • [ ] You don’t get on well with your sibling(s)


Steve Rogers/ Captain America

  • [ ] You like helping those in need in any way you can (don't get me wrong; I like helping people...but there are limits to what I'll do or sacrifice to do it, so I can't say I'll help in any way I can).
  • [x] You hate bullies 
  • [ ] You’re a great leader 
  • [ ] You’re a bit of a do-gooder (I don't consider myself this...I can be quite selfish sometimes).
  • [x] One of your favorite colors is red, white or blue 
  • [x] You like wearing things with stars on them (I have a shirt with a star on it that's one of my favorites *wink*)
  • [x] You strongly admire the army (Heck, I almost joined the army).
  • [x] You have a good throwing arm (I was the catcher for my softball team and I rarely missed when I threw to someone else).
  • [x] You like war films
  • [x] You’re good at running (I'm decent at running, but it's not my favorite physical activity).


Colonel Nick Fury

  • [x] You like wearing long coats 
  • [x] You’re good at organizing things
  • [ ] You’re good at being in the loop
  • [x ] You like guns
  • [x] You’re good at giving information to people 
  • [x] You like giving solutions to peoples’ problems
  • [ ] You like eyepatches
  • [ ] You work best as part of a team
  • [ ] You like beards
  • [ ] You like wearing black things


Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

  • [ ] You like wearing tight clothes
  • [x] You can do martial arts
  • [ ] You’re interested in the world of spies
  • [ ] You have red hair 
  • [ ] You’re quite agile
  • [x] People generally don’t know much about the real you
  • [x] You like to make yourself look good 
  • [x] You can speak another language 
  • [ ] You’re good at taking orders
  • [ ] You were born in a different country to the one you are living in now


Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

  • [ ] You’re very good at archery. 
  • [ ] You currently like/love someone on your team 
  • [ ] You like to wear purple and black
  • [ ] You’re very good at aiming
  • [ ] You’ve worked at the carnival
  • [ ] You like working in a team 
  • [ ] You’re up for almost anything thrown at you
  • [ ] You’d be a top assassin if you ever took the job 
  • [ ] You’re quiet 
  • [x] You tend to get along with people well



  • [x] You want to be a great leader
  • [x] You want to prove something
  • [x] You’re the younger sibling (I’m a younger sibling, second-born to be exact).
  • [x] You’ve been/are overshadowed by a sibling(s)
  • [ ] You don’t get along so great with your sibling
  • [x] You’re good at lying (sadly, this is true. I’m good at story-telling more than lying but I’ve told some doozys in the past that people have believed…which is why I can manipulate people).
  • [ ] You’re adopted
  • [x] You’re very clever 
  • [x] You are able to manipulate people well (I don't know how well I do it...more like I tell people to do something and they feel like they have no choice).
  • [ ] Your favorite color is green or gold



this is…interesting. How did I manage to be both Captain America AND Loki?

 Oh wait, maybe this is how (see from 0:36 for what I'm referring to):…

(here's one with a bigger image in case you don't have a big screen; unfortunately, the sound isn't as good even if the image is good--see 0:42 for what I'm referring to):

RuEoxMNrpqbcsFQ-556x313-noPad by PoisonousTiger

I know you've probably seen one of these petitions before...but this one is the largest group of fans I've seen and is one of the most successful petitions I've come across (it's even getting the attention of the news media).

This petition to save the sci-fi show Almost Human has actually reached 25,000 signatures and has attracted the attention of some networks  who have responded positively to it (the fact they're responding to it is a very good sign).

The creator upped the goal to 35,000 so please feel free to continue to spread the word!

If you are a fan of this show, I think it's worthwhile to register and sign it (you can always unsubscribe later). USA has been considering picking up the show but I'm sure they need to know there is a fanbase and desire for the show out there!

Please sign the petition. This show has sooo much potential for growth and popularity!

((journal copied from from VenomousButterfly))


Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole LOL that was fun! And really easy and quick.

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littlemissmaybe Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey dude so I know (assume?) you're still big into Hetalia but if you wanna check out something new, you should totally watch Sengoku Basara uwu
PoisonousTiger Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You assume correctly ;)  but I have checked Sengoku Basara out...not sure I get it. Maybe you could explain what you love most about it?
littlemissmaybe Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well I mean to be totally honest it's a pretty stupid show XD I mean it's fun in a really mindless way (with HELLA music but anyway). I think I first got into it because I was totally overworked and just needed something both mindless and emotional/dynamic.

Anyway I thought of you because it seems like Basara and APH have the same kind of appeal - really silly shows based off real historical stuff with kind of one-dimensional characters but then SO much potential for headcanons and story ideas (also the dub is AMAZING).

It's so much fun to combine historical stuff with the characters. Like, Masamune read Ieyasu his poetry in real life ahaha. They're best bros. ((sobs bc I want to ship IeMasa and I want Ieyasu to be happy but Masamune is too in love with Yukimura and it will never work out and Ieyasu will never be happy why these things q-q))

So yeah, there's really... not much to get in terms of the actual show/game? I mean Yukimura STOPS A SHIP WITH HIS BARE HANDS at one point.  And Hideyoshi PUNCHES THE OCEAN. Not to mention Masamune fights with six swords. Don't take it seriously. It's just a fun show and/or game (oh man the game is literally you just being WAY overpowered and storming through enemy territory like a tank) with a ton of fan-expansion potential.
PoisonousTiger Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
LOL it did look kind of silly. I mean I was watching this episode and these guys with yakuza haircuts and samurai gear start fighting another group that looks a little more normal but not by much and I'm like O_O what the heck? What's going on? And then when I tried to see if I could figure things out by watching a trailer, I got a DBZ mixed with a Ruroni Kenshin vibe from them...

Maybe I'll check out some fanfics and some fanart b/c that will help me to see the appeal and maybe even help me get into it...although I'm not sure I'll have time to do much of that with all the work I have ahead of me next semester (I just got another job b/c the first one wasn't paying the bills).

LOL that sounds interesting. Wait yaoi...hmmm...I'm nervous about this show now (don't get me wrong: people can love/read yaoi all they want; it's just not my cup of tea). That said your shipping rant made me giggle

O_O yeah definitely a DBZ/Ruroni Kenshin type anime.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
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Thank you sweetie! I appreciate it ^_^
purplekatz93 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No prob! :D
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PoisonousTiger Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're quite welcome! ^^
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